Monday, June 6, 2011

Two Auctions ... Two Days

We had a busy weekend !!! The upcoming summer and vacation plans made us realize we needed to have more furniture inventory for our booth at The Grapevine. We won't always be in town for auctions ... so we did two local auctions -- one on Friday night and one early Saturday morning. I'm still sorting our treasures !!!

Friday night found us at our favorite local auction house. We found a great Bassett china cabinet -- just the right size for a condo or an apartment. Sliding glass doors. Well-loved and cared-for in its previous life. An easy clean up. A little student desk.

Here's the new Bassett cabinet in the shop.  The larger one is also Bassett. The new one is the second one in the photograph.

At The Grapevine

Sunday morning took us to the local fairgrounds and a brand-new auctioneer's very first auction under his own banner. How exciting. Wisely, he brought in seasoned ring-people, a back-up auctioneer and lots of support. We've seen him at other auctions, and the local auctioneers have taken him under the wing and given him experience auctioneering for them. He did a great job!!! We were so happy to see him be so successful. He had great stuff, a large variety and ran a good auction.

We found a fantastic cabinet that is Amish made -- all oak, about 50 years old. Another of those great white metal kitchen post-Hoosier cabinets from the 1940s. It needs a good cleaning, the electrical wiring needs to be checked, and the Charming Husband's magic touch. He'll work his magic on it and it will gleam! We also snagged another china cabinet and buffet, from the 1950s era. Those need a little more of the Charming Husband's magic touch.

There's a little white enamel table with red trim that needs some cleaning and paint on the wood base. I might have to keep that one for me, though. Mirrors, paintings, a big swag of jewelry. I think we're stocked for the summer ... and we'll have new treasures in our shop and on Ruby Lane and Ruby Plaza in the coming weeks.

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