Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Where do the days go?

The days have all run together in a blur, lately.
Where have I been? Was it really October 10 the last time I sat here and wrote?
My goodness.

The Sidewalk Sale at The Grapevine was a roaring success. Everyone had a green day, and we celebrated with dinner at a wonderful local business called The Blue Wind. Their food is yummy ... and, even though I don't drink, their wine selection is enormous. They always have a tasting going on... and the Charming Husband has found some good beers.

On Sunday I borrowed a friend's children and had a Pumpkin Carving Party on the front lawn. We had great fun ... and made some great pumpkin faces!

Monday was my day to work the store at The Grapevine... and I'll be there again on Wednesday. What was I thinking! Two days in one week! GASP.

We've found a great little display cabinet to put a permanent jewelry collection in at the shop. Just waiting for a lock and a light ... and it's ready to go. I can't wait to get all the sparkly stuff on display !!! Lots of vintage to share !!!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

I love fall weekends

The weather has cooled, finally. The sunshine and clear skies can keep the days warm, but the feeling of fall is always there.

We went to a local auction yesterday afternoon and had so much fun! It was held in a huge horse barn, so the fragrance was a little horse mixed with a little furniture oil. Interesting combination. Things were cheap as chips, as they say. We scored some sweet little pieces. And some furniture pieces for our new booth. The Charming Husband has painting plans for one of the pieces. He's handy-dandy like that. I think I'll keep him.

Next weekend is another Sidewalk Sale at The Grapevine ... we'll be setting our tables up out front with some specials on costume jewelry. Roz will be there with her bargains galore ... sometimes I spend more than I earn.

Off to do some cleaning and researching of our treasures from yesterday's adventure.

Friday, October 8, 2010

We are Land Barons

We did it ... we bought the land!
And today was closing day. Received the call from the title company that the deed is done, and officially recorded.

We now own 2.11 acres of land in Washington State.
The Charmed Husband is beside himself ... he was raised there and can't wait to get "back home."
I fell in love with the place on my first visit there years ago.

We're soooo excited !!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Days they just fly ...

Is it already October? Really? Nobody warned me. There was no memo.

Last week I was wearing short sleeves and flip flops.
Today I'm in flannel jammies and a sweater. Brrrrr.
No transitional time.

Our little shop is picking up steam. The shelves are becoming well-stocked, and things are moving out the door. I had a small display of vintage cameras (my weakness), and it seems they all sold, but one. Dear me. Time to re-stock that display, already. And we've only been officially open for 4 days. Cameras are one of my many weaknesses.

One of the blogs I follow, Fiona and Twig, recently wrote about the things she just couldn't live without ... and one of her followers pointed out that they are our "needful things".

She couldn't be more right. We need things in our life that give us pleasure. That inspire us. That keep us focused (oh, dear, no pun intended!) on what is important to us. They feed our soul.

This weekend we sold that sweet green and white painted cabinet.

We found a wonderful replacement that needs just a little TLC before it's ready to go in the shop. A 1940s white and formica cabinet, with sliding glass doors and wire shelves - probably post-Hoosier. The Charming Husband has it in his workshop now, with paint and clamps and all sorts of gizmos and gadgets. He can work magic with furniture in need of Love. He has a magic touch with furniture.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fall has fell

The rain has stopped and the sun has emerged. There is a fall crispness to the air.

We've been busy adding inventory to our new booth every day. A bit here, a bit there. I do small amounts at a time, just to be able to build "layers" up. I don't want to overwhelm the space too quickly.

The biggest excitement ... the most fantastickal news ...
We had our first "big" sale yesterday.

Remember this cabinet?

It sold yesterday!
And today we're on the hunt for its replacement !!!