Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Summertime ... summertime ... sum sum summertime

We are so excited !! We're heading out to Atlanta this weekend. Our Charming Son is getting married, and we're going for a Wedding Planning Weekend. We'll get to meet the Charming Bride's parents, sample the catering menu, tour the church and the reception sites.

Then it's off to St. Louis to pick up some Charming Grandkids for their annual summer visit with us. No big plans this summer, but I know we'll come up with fun things to do and see while they're here.

So our summer begins, as it does every year. With kids and games and movies and junk food and mess and chaos. Bedtimes. Schedules. Noise. Giggles. Waterguns. Bicycles. Skateboards. Camping trips. S'mores.

These two love the flea markets, thrift stores, antique malls ... they're even good scouts at the local auction house. "Hey Gramma, did you see this???" The Charming Girl is great at organizing and sorting and cleaning up my office. She loves to get into all my jewelry and see what we've found. Some sparkly things always find their way home with her.

And the Charming Boy can't pass up a Star Wars collectible, or Legos. And who could say no to that face?

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