Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Where do the days go?

The days have all run together in a blur, lately.
Where have I been? Was it really October 10 the last time I sat here and wrote?
My goodness.

The Sidewalk Sale at The Grapevine was a roaring success. Everyone had a green day, and we celebrated with dinner at a wonderful local business called The Blue Wind. Their food is yummy ... and, even though I don't drink, their wine selection is enormous. They always have a tasting going on... and the Charming Husband has found some good beers.

On Sunday I borrowed a friend's children and had a Pumpkin Carving Party on the front lawn. We had great fun ... and made some great pumpkin faces!

Monday was my day to work the store at The Grapevine... and I'll be there again on Wednesday. What was I thinking! Two days in one week! GASP.

We've found a great little display cabinet to put a permanent jewelry collection in at the shop. Just waiting for a lock and a light ... and it's ready to go. I can't wait to get all the sparkly stuff on display !!! Lots of vintage to share !!!

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