Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Days they just fly ...

Is it already October? Really? Nobody warned me. There was no memo.

Last week I was wearing short sleeves and flip flops.
Today I'm in flannel jammies and a sweater. Brrrrr.
No transitional time.

Our little shop is picking up steam. The shelves are becoming well-stocked, and things are moving out the door. I had a small display of vintage cameras (my weakness), and it seems they all sold, but one. Dear me. Time to re-stock that display, already. And we've only been officially open for 4 days. Cameras are one of my many weaknesses.

One of the blogs I follow, Fiona and Twig, recently wrote about the things she just couldn't live without ... and one of her followers pointed out that they are our "needful things".

She couldn't be more right. We need things in our life that give us pleasure. That inspire us. That keep us focused (oh, dear, no pun intended!) on what is important to us. They feed our soul.

This weekend we sold that sweet green and white painted cabinet.

We found a wonderful replacement that needs just a little TLC before it's ready to go in the shop. A 1940s white and formica cabinet, with sliding glass doors and wire shelves - probably post-Hoosier. The Charming Husband has it in his workshop now, with paint and clamps and all sorts of gizmos and gadgets. He can work magic with furniture in need of Love. He has a magic touch with furniture.

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