Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Getting ready for our Grand Opening

Since writing about our new adventure earlier this month, we've been hard at work making the dream a reality. Cleaning, painting, and more cleaning and painting. Packing and carrying. Decorating. Re-decorating.

Monday was spent with our local County Government ... getting a Traders License to do business.
What a process that turned out to be.
I'll give you a synopsis.
First stop, the Clerk's Office.
Wrong. My first stop should have been the Zoning and Use Office, on the other side of town.
Got to the Zoning Office and was greeted by a receptionist who never spoke above an angry whisper.
She might need a new profession. Just sayin'.
Filled out paperwork, paid their fee, got my form and headed back to the Clerk's Office.

The Clerk's office filled out a form on their computer, printed it out, handed it to me ... and told me I had to go back to the other side of town to the Treasurer's office.
Got to the Treasurer's office, and they told me no, I had to go to the State Assessment Office ... same complex, up the hill, different building.
At the State Assessment Office they gave me a my own identifying number, and sent me back to the Treasurer's office.

The Treasurer's office stamped my form, and sent me back to the Clerk's office.

Four hours later, I had my Traders License, and I am now legal to do business at The Grapevine  !!!

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