Thursday, July 21, 2011

We love our Blenko ...

On the way home from dropping off our grandchildren, the Charming Husband decided I needed a stop at our favorite place in West Virginia:  Blenko Glass. We love their glass, and have a large collection of their signature water bottles, including several in long retired colors. We picked up a new bottle in Kiwi, and a vase in this season's Patriotic Red, White & Blue colors.

I could spend hours watching the glass blowers, and I have. We only had a short amount of time this visit, so we couldn't stay long. This visit we found them making cobalt blue vases with a clear flat base and two clear handles on the necks. Loved watching them do the pulled handles.

Here's the last picture we took of our water bottle collection ... we've since added 8 additional colors!

If you ever find yourself near Milton, West Virginia, I highly recommend a visit to Blenko's visitor center.

Here are some other sites devoted to Blenko Glass:

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and, finally, Hillary Homburg's Blog about Blenko Glass.

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