Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The return to my real life ...

Summer vacation is over ... the grandkids have been returned to their homes. I always love to see them come visit, have a wonderful time while they're here, and love to see them go home to their parents! This Gramma isn't as young as she used to be, and it shows.

And why do I always forget that July in Florida is really hot? Really. Hot. The kids were healthily covered in sunscreen. Guess who got sunburned ... c'mon. Guess. Yup. Gramma. The hotel pool was superb, as was the beach. We love staying at The Hampton Inn & Suites at Vilano Beach.

I wasn't able to visit with my most favorite jewelry friend, Ali Mama at Bayard Antique Village. She was in the hospital during our visit !!!  It just wasn't the same without a day with Ali Mama and her sparklies!  Get well soon, my friend!

We tried a new restaurant for dinner, and had some great food. If you're in Vilano, try out Beaches on Vilano. Their blackened Tilapia was yummo. The Granddaughter loved their Shrimp Augustino.

The BEST meal we always have in St. Augustine is our annual visit to La Cocina Mexican restaurant. The Grandson declared their Ceviche "the best fish in the entire world". At 9, his world is a little small, but the Ceviche is one reason we go back year after year.

From Florida, we travelled to Atlanta for an evening visit with our Son and the Bride to Be. Dinner was at Rosebud ... great food ... better company.

We hit the road early, and drove to St. Louis. Dinner with family at Mama's on the Hill (Mama Campisi's). When Mama was alive, it was my all-time-favorite Italian restuarant. While the food was good, it just isn't the same without Mama in her white apron, waving her wooden spoon.

The next morning we headed to Indiana to visit even more family, and had Mom's marvelous lasagna. We love visiting the family there ... Mom & Dad are THE BEST. Ok, so they're not really "Mom & Dad", but that's what we like to call them. Their hearts always have room for everyone, and their hugs are so warm. I haven't had anyone to call "Mom" in a long time, and it feels good to have someone in my life who lets me (even encourages me!) call her "Mom". Cousins, who are more like the Charming Husband's siblings than cousins ... and their kids ... and now grandkids. Baby Riley kept us entertained with her antics.

We ended the trip with a 12 hour day of driving, arriving home exhausted but happy to be here.

Today was recovery day for me ... tomorrow it's back to my real life, and some more Charmed Living!

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